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Maryland to Texas

I have a sweet friend Pat that lives in Maryland. We met on Facebook and quickly became great friends. A few months back she emailed me saying she was coming to Fort Worth for a Team Meeting with some mutual Stampin Up Demonstrators. Well, she cannot come to Fort Worth without meeting me!! So we made plans and counted the days down.

I live and breath making cards, but lately I have been on a kick making these cute handmade gift bags. I had already made her a pretty floral one all set to go with a cute friends tag on it. Well, the morning of our getting together, I looked at the friend stamp and wished I had a cute Texas stamp to use instead. Then I remembered Close To My Heart had given an adorable stamp set to everyone that attended the Texas Convention three or four years ago and I had one sitting in a drawer! From there I got thinking about using some kind of map instead of a floral paper. So I searched thru my travel 12" x 12" papers and found a piece of paper from a Lit…

Maybe My Last Masking Card?

I still had my stamps and inks out all over my work surface this morning as I was attempting to straighten things up, but I had another idea on how to make still yet another card using the masking technique. I have really enjoyed using the 2" Post It Tape on my last few cards. I am almost certain we will be doing this in one of my classes too. It's easy, quick, and so much fun! For today's card I used an A2 top folding card, the Lifetime of Happiness stamp set (only $13.95!!!) along with the stamp set in the exclusive Brushed Scrapbooking Workshop On The Go kit, and just three colors of Close To My Heart inks....oh and the masking (Post It) tape. This would be a great card to mass produce too. Enjoy!

Happy Stampin............Cheryl

Masking Technique

I enjoyed making my last card so much, that I decided I needed to make another one. I am not a Butterfly stamp collector. I love seeing them in my yard and I think they are just beautiful to watch, but I don't think I have ever stamped one. When I ordered the Your Own Kind Of Wonderful stamp set, I really hesitated to do so and had second thoughts all the way until I hit the "send" button on my order. I never thought I could do this pretty stamp set justice with my limited coloring ability. So, I chose to stamp them in monotone colors with black as my accent color instead. I just love how it turned out! I already have my April workshop and Library card class projects planned, but I may have to rethink adding this card. Enjoy!

Happy Stampin.......Cheryl

A Quick, One Layer Top Fold A2 Card

Today I had one of those mornings when I should have been vacuuming and washing a load of clothes, but an idea popped in my head for a card. Needless to say, within minutes I was pulling out a dozen stamp sets looking for a few small flowers for my card.  I lucked up and found one stamp set with everything I was looking for. Using two stripes of Post It Removable Labeling Tape, I masked off the top of the card at the scored fold and again in the upper portion of my card base. I wanted this card to be one that was quick and easy to make several of at a time. I have a couple birthday's coming up and this will be easy to go back and add a birthday sentiment to later. I used a Colonial White card base, but our White Daisy would have been just as pretty. Using it also will change the tone of any inks used. I only used four colors for my card. Some days I like using many layers, but lately I have been going for a clean and simple card.  Enjoy!

Happy Scrappin......Cheryl

Library Card

Okay, I am all set for my Library class in the morning. Here is my second project we will be making. I used our Inspirations to make a simple card using the "Have A Happy Day" stamp set. Not knowing the crafting level of everyone attending, I did not want anything too confusing that might run a new scrapbooker off . Excited to see how things go tomorrow.

Library Class

Last month I signed up for three free computer classes at our local library. It is my 2015 goal to attempt to learn more on using my computer and quit relying on others to help me use it. While signing up I asked if there were any scrapbooking or card making classes available. She said the lady that held a class was no longer doing them. Great news to me. When I left that day, I had volunteered to start another class. My first class is this Tuesday and is free to the public. Whoever signs up to take the class will bring their own supplies. I will furnish the stamps, punches, die cuts, etc. This month is going to be a "spring" theme. We will be making two projects this month. One of the them will be this cute gift bag. I am forever needing a small gift bag for my Grands teachers. I used one of my most favorite retired paper collections from Close To My Heart for the bag. I love that our papers are double sided. Perfect for this type of project. Enjoy!

March "Craft & Create With Cheryl"

I loved using the Hopscotch paper collection and the ‬"Have a Happy Day" stamp set in my March class. This stamp set is one of my most favorite and needs to be in everyone's collection. These pretty papers are in the Seasonal Expressions1 and are retiring on March 31st. If you would like to order these before they are gone, please visit my website at  Along with these papers and stamps, I used the Lagoon, Sorbet, Dessert Sand, Sweet Leaf, and my current favorite ink Flaxen inks. I also used 23" of the Extra Thick Twine to tie of bow on the bottom of my card and for a little bling, I added three of the Clear Assortment Sparkles.Included below the picture is a full list of the products and items numbers that I used to make this fun card. Enjoy!
Happy Scrappin! .......Cheryl

Colonial White Card Stock                              #1388     $9.50
  Sorbet Card Stock                                            #X5751   $14.50 Hopscotch Paper Packet        …

Studio J...Day One

Have you ever been interested in using your computer to digital scrapbook? Don't have the room at home or maybe the extra money needed for scrapbooking supplies? Would you like to knock out several pages over a weekend or maybe complete a complete album in no time? I would love for you to check out Close To My Hearts free "Studio J" software program. I have never done digital scrapbooking before, but with my love of making cards, scrapbooking my pictures has gotten forgotten. I would love for you to go along with me on my journey into digital scrapbooking. Here is the first video of the series I will be posting to get you excited and wanting to get started.

Happy Scrappin......Cheryl

It's 2015!!

Can you believe it? It is now 2015. Seems like it was just yesterday and I had two young girls playing softball at the ball park five days week, working full time, and retirement was something old people did. Fast forward to 2015 and I have two small Grands, I am retired, and looking forward to my sweet husband retiring in the next three or so years. The only thing that has not changed over the years is my love for scrapbooking. Around four years ago I discovered the art of making cards. So along with my fetish for paper, I now have tubs and drawers full of pretty inks and stamps calling my name!

Today I am posting a card I made for the Fruit Of My Hands Blog and DT. Lot's of cute cards to love on there! Many more to follow. I would love for you to check out Linda's online store. You can look through the product available by clicking on the "photos" link along the top and see all of the new stuff that you just cannot live without!

For my card today I started with my …

My First Project!

I was reading comments on one of my Facebook groups and many of the gals mentioned how fantastic the Rhonna Farrer app was for the IPhone and IPad. Well, I downloaded it today and was tickled when I found several free tutorials on using the app. I have several yet to watch, but I jumped in on the first tutorial and played along. I don't have many pics on my IPad and I am still not sure how I get them on there without a USB port so I played with one I had on there already. Not the best pic, but it was a start! Excited with what I can do with this app. Loving that I became the new owner of my husband's old IPad!

I Have The Bug.....;)

Yes, I have the bug. The "Monthly Living" bug. Other's know it best by "Project Life".  Close To My Heart has their version called "Picture My Life" Either way I am loving it. I have not made my first page yet, but I will be tomorrow and I know I will totally enjoy it. I have been watching a hand full of YouTube videos this afternoon. I have found several gals to follow on Facebook and Pinterest. Up until now I have had no interest in doing this type of scrapbooking, but for some crazy reason, I am hooked. "Monthly Living" will be my personal term for my random daily, weekly, and monthly pictures and journaling. There are tons of app's for this I am discovering too. Most are not free, so I am trying to be careful on which ones I prefer and pay for.

Close To My Heart just came out with some adorable albums I will to use for this. I love the Lagoon Chevron D-ring album and the Ruby Floral D-ring Album. They also have their solid albums too…