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Summer is Over

Boy, it has been forever since I have been on my blog! Summer has come and seems like it is almost gone. All I hear is "back to school" sales and when you visit Hobby Lobby they have tons of Christmas stuff out. Today my friend Carolyn and I went there and I bought some adorable Holiday paper and embellishments. I told her it was time to start making my Christmas cards. I only need around 50, but it will take me several weekends to get them done. Last year I made around 25, but I loved them so much I kept half and never mailed them out. LOL

My two Grands were here this summer for two months. Our family went to Orange Beach together the first week in June. Afterwards my two daughters drove back to Texas and Rick and I kept our Grands at our house. Madison, our three year old stayed for a month. She could and would have stayed longer if we wanted to push it, but when she got tired she would cry a little and ask for her Mommy. So she went home and then a month later Alex our te…