Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Projects From Years Past & My First Card I Ever Made.....

Wow...my poor neglected blog. Sitting here tonight drinking way too much sweet tea.....tea that between the sugar and caffeine you cannot possibly go to sleep! So I am cleaning things off my computer. I have had computer issues since we went to the beach. Some days it seems better, but like tonight it is sad. I actually have two computer issues... I let two six years old have their hands on it for a week while on vacation. Dumb me. Who would have thought they would find so much to click on instead of their online games? The other thing is my computers memory is maxed out...totally. I have maybe 5% left and keep forgetting to use my new external hard drive. We both have memory problems! lol

Anyway..cleaning out things as I go and found an old scrap booking site I used to frequent all the time. Way before Pinterst. I had a blast looking at my old projects. Back then I was a huge scrapper and was not doing cards...faint..faint! Anyway, I thought I would post a hand full of my old pages and the first ever card I made. It was fun to revisit these pages. Are you ready? Here we go!

Here are the first few cards I made.  The first card was before I discovered Copics.

This card was for my Mom. One of my first fancy cards. Honestly, not much of a fancy card maker anymore I don't think..... Plus I now love stamped images and not just a verse. I still love this card. I also can see now the bow was WAY too big, but she loved it!

Probably one of the first cards I made for my husband. Afterwards I thought it looked too feminine, but Rick said no he loved it like it was. Sweet man! Now I look back at it again and say yes, it was too feminine..and the music notes were upside down and I took band in school and should have noticed this prior to adding the sentiment to the front.....lol

This was the first card I ever made. I was sooo proud and happy about it. I made it for my sweet Mom. I rarely make a card like this anymore. Hmmm maybe I need too revisit using embossing powders.

There were more of my projects on the site, but I am just too sleepy to upload anymore. This was fun finding older projects and cards. 

Happy Stampin......Cheryl

Happy Scrappin & Card Making!! Cheryl