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Studio J

Want to get your Christmas pictures off your camera and scrapped? It's easy to do at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home. Using our free Close To My Heart Design Software, with just a few clicks, you can have a whole album completed. Here is a recent video from CTMH showing you how easy it is!


My new Texas scrappin buddy Danna just emailing me saying I won one of the new 2013 CHA prizes over at The Little Blue House here in Keller. I couldn't believe it. I rushed over to their blog and there was my name. Yippee! I won a new Tim Holtz stamp set! Oh boy...oh boy! I was just telling Cathy, my friend in Maine, that I never win anything and she said "enter, enter, and enter." Gosh.....looks like I know where I will be going tomorrow in between visiting the Rubber Stamp Show in Mesquite and then attending my local crop here in Hurst. Oh man....I am tickled pink! Thank you Tracy!!

Less Is More

"Less is More" is what my good friend Kathy always says, and slowly I am getting to be a believer. There are many yardsale groups on Facebook and Kathy's Alabama based selling group is called Scappers Swap Shop. I have always had a love affair for all scrapbooking, stamps, and card making items, but as I have gotten older, I have become impatient with the distraction of stuff everywhere. The multiple piles all around my feet from my many ongoing projects. My desk, bookshelves, drawers, and cabinets are overflowing with yummy scrappin stuff. Most of the mess is because I have never learned how to put anything back when I am done with it. LOL But, the time has come for a major change. I don't know how many pieces of paper I own, but I spent all day today pulling, coordinating, taking pics, and then posting papers for sale. Initially I was taking pictures of both the front and backs of the papers, but after a few hours, it didn't take long to figure out that I would…

Adding Links

Okay...I have wondered and wondered how everyone adds a "link" to their blogs. You see them all the time and I have attempted to figure it all out, but batting zero so far. Tonight I talked with my sweet friend Cathy in Maine and she tried her best over the phone to help me figure this out. Along the way she also gave me some tips on updating my blog too. Sooooo I am in the middle of playing with all of this, when I really need to be going thru tons of scrapbook paper that I just don't have room for and need to get it sold on Facebook.

                I am soooo OCD. Sorting all of my papers by companies in alphabetical order! Nutty I know!  But I just LOVE paper, It has to be my most favorite thing to buy, that and ribbon.
These few neat pics might make you think my scrapbook room is finally all tidy and organized, but don't be fooled! I have plenty of piles all around to remind me that I need to get off here and get cleaning. Okay, one minute more to tinker on …

Happy Birthday Audrey!

My oldest sisters birthday is on the 15th. For many years growing up, I was so jealous that Audrey was the "oldest' and that her birthday was in January. She was so lucky to celebrate her birthday first before any of us. I had to wait until July before I could blow the candles out. All I can say now is, be careful of what you ask for. Now I am so thankful to not be the oldest and to also have more months to not hear that I am over the hill! This is a card I made for her tonight. I am not 100% happy with it, but after working on it for several hours tonight, I am too tired to know what it is I don't like. I will sleep on it and look at it again in the morning. I am hoping I love it in the morning.
                                                      "Happy Birthday Audrey!"
                                      Trying to get everything I might need in one place
                                                      My most favorite paper punch
I always ke…

Triple Time Stamping

Okay..I found a card that I love making. Would someone please get me off this three layered kick? These cards are so easy to make and I love the finished effect of the card. Makes it look like there is more to the card than there is....I like that! Anyway here are my two cards. The thank you card was for everyone that placed a Close To My Heart order with me in December and the Happy Birthday card was going to be for my sister, but decided I would make a small handfull for my Mom instead. She was just in the hospital......again, and made the comment that she missed sending out a few birthday cards being away from home. I still have a few more ideas before I am done with making this card. The only downside of it, is the card taking a lot more paper than a normal layered card, but it sure is worth it. this card. Enjoy!

Love This Card!

I just love this pretty card. I am a huge card fan. It can be a very basic, simple card or one with lot's of nice layers. You just know when you like something and I love this one. One of my friends said something a year or so ago and I have never forgotten. She said she likes lot's of layers on her cards like she does on her bed. Enjoy!


It was on the news yesterday that the Alabama Crimson Tide football team landed in Miami for our game scheduled for Monday night. A lot of excitement and money riding on this last college game of the 2012 football year. Alabama VS Dotre Dame. I have always liked and pulled for ND, but not this game. Pulling for my Bama boys in their crimson and white. I am not a huge sports fan, but I love college football. More specific, Alabama Football. Can I get a big ROLL TIDE ROLL! Bust em Bama!

Yikes...How Do I Use This?

My husband just bought me a new Nikon for Christmas. I didn't ask for a new camera, but it has been something he has wanted to get me for a long time. I remember when our oldest daughter was born, we couldn't afford even a cheap camera. Other than her monthly pics at JCP the first year, we don't have that many of her until she was around two. My youngest daughter played basketball in High School and I took dozens and dozens of pics of action pictures of her in the gym. I spent a small fortune on buying and developing 35mm film. Always hoping for a great shot, but I only have a small handfull that are clear and bright. Most are dark or blurry. Very disappointing. Both daughters played softball in high school and thank goodness they played outside in the sun. I have tons of nice softball pics. My only complaint is the zoom factor back then on my camera. Not much of one, but over the last ten years cameras have come a long way. I have several in my collection to prove it. LOL…