Happy Birthday Audrey!

My oldest sisters birthday is on the 15th. For many years growing up, I was so jealous that Audrey was the "oldest' and that her birthday was in January. She was so lucky to celebrate her birthday first before any of us. I had to wait until July before I could blow the candles out. All I can say now is, be careful of what you ask for. Now I am so thankful to not be the oldest and to also have more months to not hear that I am over the hill! This is a card I made for her tonight. I am not 100% happy with it, but after working on it for several hours tonight, I am too tired to know what it is I don't like. I will sleep on it and look at it again in the morning. I am hoping I love it in the morning.
                                                      "Happy Birthday Audrey!"
                                      Trying to get everything I might need in one place
                                                      My most favorite paper punch
I always keep a fresh baby wipe or two on my desk. When I am finished with a stamp and don't want to take the time to clean it, I will lay the stamp facedown on the baby wipe. It will keep the stamps moist in order to make the cleaning afterwards much easier.
 I thought this stamp was so pretty when I bought it last month, but I found out tonight that it is almost too large to use on a regular sized card
               I hope she likes her card. Going out in the mail tomorrow. We will soon find out.


Stephanie Buice said…
Beautiful card Cheryl!

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