Adding Links

Okay...I have wondered and wondered how everyone adds a "link" to their blogs. You see them all the time and I have attempted to figure it all out, but batting zero so far. Tonight I talked with my sweet friend Cathy in Maine and she tried her best over the phone to help me figure this out. Along the way she also gave me some tips on updating my blog too. Sooooo I am in the middle of playing with all of this, when I really need to be going thru tons of scrapbook paper that I just don't have room for and need to get it sold on Facebook.

                I am soooo OCD. Sorting all of my papers by companies in alphabetical order!
Nutty I know!  But I just LOVE paper, It has to be my most favorite thing to buy, that and ribbon.

These few neat pics might make you think my scrapbook room is finally all tidy and organized, but don't be fooled! I have plenty of piles all around to remind me that I need to get off here and get cleaning. Okay, one minute more to tinker on here to try and absorb everything Cathy just told me before I go to bed and then "poof" it all disappears from my tired brain. Hoping this will work for me!  


Cathy said…
Great job my friend!! I tested the link and it took my right to my blog!!! woohoo. Your little cricut guy is still waving to me too:)
Have a great day, it was nice toalking to you on the phone:)
Z-Scrapper said…
You don't know how much I appreciate your help last night. I didn't go to be until 2 AM and had to drag myself then. I really wanted to update my blog, but that will be for another day! Hugs

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