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Hobby Lobby Classes

Jumping in with both feet......I have decided to host a weekly paper crafting class at our local Hobby Lobby. I have never done anything like this before, but I thought....why not?  Like many of my fellow crafters I am blessed with abundant paper, gadgets, inks, stamps, and tons of ideas and sketches that I would love to share with others. I totally love making cards and mini's and have tentatively planned a class every Wednesday morning. Our first class was on October 12th and we had three ladies to show up and had a great time crafting together. I was tickled to find out most of the ladies had never used many of the mediums planned for our projects. I never realized how much time is involved with planning and preparing for a weekly three hour class. I now spend several mornings making notes, cutting paper, and getting my ducks in a row for class. I hate to pay for a class with an unprepared teacher. Trying my best to make sure this will not happen!  Needless to say it has been s…