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Moving to Texas

Rick's company was suddenly bought out in August and they were told the company would change hands in October. Rick said if he has to start over with a company, he would rather start over in Texas close to our girls. He called a similiar type of business in Fort Worth, they flew him out there over Halloween weekend and offered him the job. Rick's first day on his new job was in mid December and my job here was to get the house on the market. Well.... a month later still no for sale sign. I have played around and enjoyed scrapping when I wanted to and make a daily trail of my clothes and dishes throughout the house! LOL Well, Rick has run out of patience and I have been warned ........ So I have cancelled any further card classes at Hobby Lobby after tomorrow until I have enlisted a realtor and have a sign in the yard. I thought I would post my sneak peaks for my class tomorrow on here today. I have totally loved doing my weekly classes and I am amazed by the time and effort it…

BCS Champions!

This post is not about scrapbooking, but something to scrapbook about! What an exciting game!!