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Charlotte and Springtime Wishes

Can you  believe it? My scrapbook room is STILL clean? It has been around one month now since I finished cleaning it. There has been a lot of creating, but no mess left afterwards! Yay me! I am totally focused this time around in keeping things picked up and returned to where I found it. I spent just over three painful weeks, both days and nights of not crafting and only concentrating on getting the numerous piles off the floor and off my desk and Island where I play. My project now is to go through my Ikea Kallax shelving unit where I have eight of the sixteen cubicles designated for my 12x12 paper storage and get them tidy and organized. I have no clue on how to organize paper, but everyone seems to do it by colors. I have decided to start with sorting my papers by theme and then whatever is left over to sort by colors. I can already tell I have way too much beach and Christmas papers. I also have tons of page kits and paper collections that have never been opened or used! What a sh…