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It's 2015!!

Can you believe it? It is now 2015. Seems like it was just yesterday and I had two young girls playing softball at the ball park five days week, working full time, and retirement was something old people did. Fast forward to 2015 and I have two small Grands, I am retired, and looking forward to my sweet husband retiring in the next three or so years. The only thing that has not changed over the years is my love for scrapbooking. Around four years ago I discovered the art of making cards. So along with my fetish for paper, I now have tubs and drawers full of pretty inks and stamps calling my name!

Today I am posting a card I made for the Fruit Of My Hands Blog and DT. Lot's of cute cards to love on there! Many more to follow. I would love for you to check out Linda's online store. You can look through the product available by clicking on the "photos" link along the top and see all of the new stuff that you just cannot live without!

For my card today I started with my …

My First Project!

I was reading comments on one of my Facebook groups and many of the gals mentioned how fantastic the Rhonna Farrer app was for the IPhone and IPad. Well, I downloaded it today and was tickled when I found several free tutorials on using the app. I have several yet to watch, but I jumped in on the first tutorial and played along. I don't have many pics on my IPad and I am still not sure how I get them on there without a USB port so I played with one I had on there already. Not the best pic, but it was a start! Excited with what I can do with this app. Loving that I became the new owner of my husband's old IPad!

I Have The Bug.....;)

Yes, I have the bug. The "Monthly Living" bug. Other's know it best by "Project Life".  Close To My Heart has their version called "Picture My Life" Either way I am loving it. I have not made my first page yet, but I will be tomorrow and I know I will totally enjoy it. I have been watching a hand full of YouTube videos this afternoon. I have found several gals to follow on Facebook and Pinterest. Up until now I have had no interest in doing this type of scrapbooking, but for some crazy reason, I am hooked. "Monthly Living" will be my personal term for my random daily, weekly, and monthly pictures and journaling. There are tons of app's for this I am discovering too. Most are not free, so I am trying to be careful on which ones I prefer and pay for.

Close To My Heart just came out with some adorable albums I will to use for this. I love the Lagoon Chevron D-ring album and the Ruby Floral D-ring Album. They also have their solid albums too…