Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bama Still Standing Tall

Our local newspapers headlines tell it all. Bama is still standing tall. Whew! It wasn't easy or pretty. Years ago my husband Rick would clear his calendar for each Bama game, take the phone off the hook, and I would take Ashley, our oldest daughter as far away from the TV as I could. Because when Rick and his buddies watched the game they were forever yelling and screaming at the TV, and then she would pucker up and cry. At only one year old, she had no idea how important the games were and that when she was older she would enjoy football as much as he did. The years have passed and now it is my turn. Rick's passion now is the yard and his Granddaughters. It is now my job to yell and scream at the TV. Saturday was a heck of a game. Alabama VS LSU, always one of our toughest games. Back and forth. Alabama behind in the first quarter, tied at halftime, Alabama scored, and then a flag on the play. Back to being tied and then we go into overtime. Rashad Johnson had a super game Saturday. He had three picks, and his last one was the play of the day, which allowed us to score a touchdown in the last few seconds of the game for the final score 27-21. Bring on Auburn!

Happy Scrappin & Card Making!! Cheryl