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Where has the summer gone?

          Wow. It has been awhile since I have posted on here! Just not enough time for my blog. My husband and I had our oldest Granddaughter, Alexandria at our house for seven weeks and our youngest, Madison was here the first week and returned for the last three weeks while her babysitter was on vacation. We had a very busy summer with our Grands and loved every minute of it! But, the fun has come to an end. Ashley flew to Alabama for the weekend and they all flew home yesterday. Now our house is quiet and still. No small feet running through the house, no baby saying "I need milky", and the phone is not ringing off the hook with Alex's friends calling wanting her to play and come over and swim. Boy, times like this makes me miss when my two girls were babies. They grew up way too fast. We loved every minute of them being with us.....well maybe not the attitude at times. LOL. My camera was always in hand and dust never had time to settle on it. I took so many pictures…