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Valentine's Day

Today was Valentine's Day. For Rick and me, it is one of our most favorite days. He told me he loved me for the first time today, thirty seven years ago. Another special day for us is Mother's Day Eve. He asked me to marry him that night, and then the most important date was September 25th, 1976. The day we said "I do." Rick and I never exchange expensive gifts on any Holiday, but we have always enjoyed our cards we exchange. I cringe when I look and see what he spends on my cards. But, Rick always says not to look and just enjoy the card. Typically I always get two. One is marked "open this one first". It is always a funny and humorous card. The second card marked"open last" normally comes with a tissue because I know I will be crying soon after reading it. Rick prefers not to shop, but he will spend all the time needed until he finds these two special cards. He is a Prince among men. His two daughters and Grands think so too. I was blessed when …

My Second "Scrap & Dash"

I went to my second "Scrap & Dash" at Scrapper's Boutique on Saturday. Alex, my twelve year old Grand was able to attend too. It was a joy to have her with me scrappin. My five year old Baby Grand begged to go too. She was so sad and upset when her Gamma told her children couldn't go until they turned ten. Hoping one of our local scrapbook stores will have a young children's class this summer.

Susan Liles, who designed this weeks page sent everyone a "hint" that it was going to be a western page. I was sooooo excited about this idea. I have been wanting to do a mini album on our recent move from Alabama to Texas, but didn't know where to start. It has been almost one year since I have done anything other than making cards. I felt kind of rusty with the thought process! We arrived for class and was totally amazed on what an adorable, cute page Susan had created. I just loved it! Everyone was excited and most of the ladies bought an extra page ki…

Valentine Page

Initially when I moved here the end of September, my priority and main goal was to unpack. I spent weeks doing that and got everything but a few boxes done. Then we went back for our second and last load in December and filled the garage up again. Most of the stuff from our second trip was both garage and attic items, so not much we need or can do anything with until it warms up. Once we can open the garage door and have more space to move things around a bit and maybe have a garage sale, we can get things better organized. I know Spring is coming, but for now I am so tired of seeing boxes piled up and no room to park our cars.

It is nice to have life settle down some too. I am slowly discovering the scrapping world of Fort Worth and meeting some wonderful, sweet new friends. This past Saturday I went to my first "Scrap & Dash" at with my new friend Patti. It is held every Saturday and is on a first come, first serve basi…