Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Page

Initially when I moved here the end of September, my priority and main goal was to unpack. I spent weeks doing that and got everything but a few boxes done. Then we went back for our second and last load in December and filled the garage up again. Most of the stuff from our second trip was both garage and attic items, so not much we need or can do anything with until it warms up. Once we can open the garage door and have more space to move things around a bit and maybe have a garage sale, we can get things better organized. I know Spring is coming, but for now I am so tired of seeing boxes piled up and no room to park our cars.

It is nice to have life settle down some too. I am slowly discovering the scrapping world of Fort Worth and meeting some wonderful, sweet new friends. This past Saturday I went to my first "Scrap & Dash" at with my new friend Patti. It is held every Saturday and is on a first come, first serve basis. I would guess she has room for ten scrappers around four tables. This week there were eight of us. Each week she puts out a small rack filled with a new paper collection, a displayed completed 12 x 12 page, individual written instructions, and from there you and your scrappin buddies cut the pieces needed and make your own page. This was both Pattie's and my first time to attend, and we had a blast. The first page I have made in almost one year! Really looking forward to returning this weekend.

This is the example from the store. I never realized there were five 2" x 2' squares along the bottom and I only cut four. Not sure where my eyes were! My page is not 100% as the example because of not having the right type of glue at home where I finished the pages.
I really loved the colors on this page. I would never have thought to use aqua blue along with the reds and pinks on a Valentine page, but it worked beautiful. Then the gray and black both compliment each other.

I distressed my edges. It sure took a long time to get two seperate pages done. I ended up buying two page kits. One for each Grand. 

 I had more empty space along the bottom because I only had four squares, so I added some twine. I also ended up adding my letters in a different space than the example. I struggled with trying to adhere letters to the black lace. My glue did not like the fabric lace. I had more glue on my finger tips than the ribbon and chipboard. 

This is my finished page. I am really excited about attending this fun class each week. I was wanting to do some type of  "2013 in Review" album for each Grand this year. If these pages cover every Holiday for the year, I might be able to get it done!

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Stephanie Buice said...

Very cute! Love the colors :)

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