Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My First Project!

I was reading comments on one of my Facebook groups and many of the gals mentioned how fantastic the Rhonna Farrer app was for the IPhone and IPad. Well, I downloaded it today and was tickled when I found several free tutorials on using the app. I have several yet to watch, but I jumped in on the first tutorial and played along. I don't have many pics on my IPad and I am still not sure how I get them on there without a USB port so I played with one I had on there already. Not the best pic, but it was a start! Excited with what I can do with this app. Loving that I became the new owner of my husband's old IPad!


Sue Kosec said...

Whaaaaattttttttttttttttt?????? You mean to tell me you got the old one? How come you didn't get the new one? Haha. Good picture.


Cathy said...

too cute, looks like you had fun

Z-Scrapper said...

Sue...I know! I was actually going to give his old one to our 7 YO Grand until I had a friend come to my card class and she whipped hers out of her purse and used it to do a search. It was mine after seeing that! Tickled to have it too.

Happy Scrappin & Card Making!! Cheryl