Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yikes...How Do I Use This?

My husband just bought me a new Nikon for Christmas. I didn't ask for a new camera, but it has been something he has wanted to get me for a long time. I remember when our oldest daughter was born, we couldn't afford even a cheap camera. Other than her monthly pics at JCP the first year, we don't have that many of her until she was around two. My youngest daughter played basketball in High School and I took dozens and dozens of pics of action pictures of her in the gym. I spent a small fortune on buying and developing 35mm film. Always hoping for a great shot, but I only have a small handfull that are clear and bright. Most are dark or blurry. Very disappointing. Both daughters played softball in high school and thank goodness they played outside in the sun. I have tons of nice softball pics. My only complaint is the zoom factor back then on my camera. Not much of one, but over the last ten years cameras have come a long way. I have several in my collection to prove it. LOL My last one I bought has an amazing 30X optimal zoom. I have some really great pics using this camera, but......a lot of blurry ones too. If the lighting is not so-so you end up with a lot of blurry pictures. Anyway, Christmas morning I opened up the most amazing camera and cried like a baby, thinking about all of the pics I would have if I had had this beauty years ago. But...I am very thankful I have it now and with two sweet Grands living within five miles of us, I can have a field day taking pics. My husband also signed me up for some classes for the camera. I am really looking forward to them. Who had time to read a manual?


Stephanie Buice said...

Lucky girl!! Can't wait to see some of the pics you'll take. Enjoy it!~ and NOBODY has time to read the manual hahaha

Cheryl Arbo said...

Thank you Stephanie. Still practicing!

Happy Scrappin & Card Making!! Cheryl