Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Card for Mom

Never fails...try to clean things up and I make an even bigger mess! Started off working hard as I was cleaning things out, unitl I found tons of forgotten stuff. From there I was back at my desk using the stuff. I still prefer Prismacolor pencils, but slowly getting more comfortable with using the Copic's. Everyone tells me if I take a Copic class I will really love them. I'm afraid of that too. They are not cheap either, around $7.00 per pen. I only have a small few, around twenty, but for now I'm fine with what I have. Anyway, a card for my sweet Momma. She was here last weekend for a short visit on their way to Florida for the winter. I sure do miss her when she's gone. Her visits are just too short. Love you Mom!

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Happy Scrappin & Card Making!! Cheryl