Monday, September 6, 2010

My Sister Audrey....

One week ago tomorrow my oldest sister was admitted to the ICU in the Buffalo area. The weekend prior she had driven to Flint, MI to attend a small high school reunion on Saturday at the local park where most of us, at least once, skipped school and played hookie. I must say for me, it wasn't just once.......Through out the day on Monday Audrey had frequent BM's and abdominal cramping. Sometime during the early morning on Tuesday, she started spotting and then had a couple hours of heavy rectal bleeding and had her husband take her to their local emergency room. She was quickly admitted for a probable E-Coli bacterial infection. Over the next two to three days her situation worsened and her diagnosis was changed to Renal Failure. Her first three to four days in the hospital was terrifying for our family. Because of the large amount of blood loss and continued extremely low blood pressures, her doctor's mentioned the possibility of blood transfusions, kidney dialysis, and pneumonia. Then on the morning of the fourth day, she started battling back. Her pressures were slightly higher and her bloating, edema, and abdominal pain was less. Every day after that she was slowly, day by day getting stronger. She had a few set backs, including a fever and fluid in her lungs, but she held steadfast. Yesterday afternoon she was moved to a private room. The only recent complication is a rapid heart rate and she will be evaluated by a Cardiologist some time today. The doctor's are saying if she continues to improve without any further set backs, she will most likely go home around Wednesday. They also requested a list of every meal, snack, and beverage she consumed over the weekend of her trip to Michigan, but nothing was found. No trace or hint of anything. They have no idea how or where she might have gotten infected. We are just happy she is on the road to a full recovery. I made her this card tonight. Normally I would post any project I make on my Facebook page, but I don't want her to see it online before she receives it. Tonight our family is so thankful and blessed that Audrey is gaining her strength each day and will be able to go home soon.... alive and well.

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