Saturday, April 3, 2010


This is my youngest daughter Emily Kay. She is also my favorite youngest daughter. I have a favorite oldest daughter too! We laugh about being Mom's favorite all the time. For years whenever I go on vacation to a condo or hotel, I always take a washcloth and bring it home. My husband scoldes me each time, but it's just something I do. While Em lived here I would just wash it and add it to my household linens. But when Em moved to Fort Worth several years ago I started giving them to her. She always knew when she unpacked her suitcase, somewhere in there she would find it. When Rick and I go on vacation alone, I still get one and whenever I see Em or happen to send a package to the girls, I will tuck it away in the box and a note on where it came from. She has come to expect them and enjoys our little exchange. Two weekends ago we drove to Monroe LA to meet my girls and Jeremy. We had both Grands here for one week while Alex was out for Spring Break and it was time for them to go home. My kids had spent the previous night enjoying a fun night at one of the casino's in Sheveport and spent the night at the casino hotel and left the following morning to meet us. After a nice lunch and then going to the cars to transfer the kids stuff back to Ashley's car, Em said "Mom, I got you something" and handed me a small bag. Inside it, you guessed it, it was a hotel washcloth!! I thought that was soooo sweet! A fun, small exchange that was full of sweet memories for both of us! I love you Emily!
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