Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are going to Texas for Christmas. Each time we talk with Alex she will ask "Gamma have you packed your bags yet?" What a sweet girl! She is so excited about seeing us again and I am so thankful for that! I have not done any shopping yet. With us flying we are limited to what we can take. Also, we give our kids gift cards which we all love so all we have to do it buy for the Granddaughters. Two things we want to get for the girls are a digital camera for Alex who just turned 9 and a small bike or skooter for Maddie Pie who will be 2 on the 20th. I love to cook and have just finished my menu for the week. I am sure I will be in the kitchen all day, every day cooking everyone's favorite dishes and loving every minute. I remember how it was to work all day and come home and have to work half the night getting dinner on the table and school work done. I'll try and cook extra's in order to freeze it and let them enjoy it later. Here is a picture of my Grandbabies that Ashley had taken in November. I love these sweet girls!!

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