Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two quick posts

Two quick posts tonight. My Grand had to tell the class about herself in a "fill in the blank form" and then using a file folder, cut into a girl shape, she had to make a picture of what she thought she looked like. Ashley and Madison worked on it today and this is what they came up with. I am sooo impressed. I think they did such a nice job on it. I love Madison's printing. This will be something to cherrish years from now. A lot of imagination and creativity on Ashley's part too. I think I might have another scrapbooker in the family! lol

You can click on the picturer to see it better up close

I just wanted to show two cards I made for my monthly card challenge I do each month. In August I made my dear friend this card. In making the card, I was very much out of my comfort zone. Typically I am not a pink or purple person, but knowing who was receiving it, I really wanted to use these colors. When I showed the finished card to my husband, he said. "This is not your normal type of card" I didn't think he really paid attention to the cards I show him each week, but he proved me wrong. When my friend received the card, she emailed me and said she loved it, which made me happy that she enjoyed her card.
For September's months challenge we had to use inking on our card fronts, but not from a stamp. It had to be done using a sponge, brayer, or the direct to paper technique. I have seen others make a card like this using a mask and sponge, but this was my first attempt. I love challenges. They can get you out of your comfort zone and also teach you a new technique that you learn to love doing. I have only made one such card using the direct to paper technique before, but it had been a while back. Thru trial, error, and a ton of paper......I finally was happy with my card. My only regret was in not asking my partner if she minded a Halloween card. I have another wonderful friend that does not celebrate or decorate for Halloween. I totally respect her for that. It was not until I had mailed this card that I thought about it and had second thoughts. I really enjoyed making this card. I am sure I will be doing something like this again. Maybe using the moon and Santa and his sleigh for Christmas.
Happy Stampin!

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