School Supply List Already?

One of my friends was just mentioning that she had received her child's school supply list for this year. Really? Is it that time already? It seems like summer vacation has just started and now they are talking about a school supply list? The other day I went into our local Hobby Lobby and they already have fall decorations out and were getting set up for their Christmas display. What? One good thing about school starting back is knowing that cooler temperatures and Alabama Football are just around the corner. We moved to Texas last September and this is my first summer living out West. I know last summer in Fort Worth it was over 110 degrees for almost forty five days in a row. So far we have not experienced anything like that yet, but we have had several days around 105, plus we still have August to get through.. My sister is camping in Iowa this week and she said it has been chilly in the evenings. It was around 47 degrees when they arrived at their camp grounds. Oh man.....that sounds fantastic!

We are slowly working on our yard and planting some of our favorite flowers and trees. This is something my husband and I love to do. We lived in our house in Alabama for five years. When we bought it new, we asked that they give us a credit on our landscaping budget. We already had an idea of what we wanted in our yard. After four years our yard was finally complete, but here we go again! I think my most favorite flower in our yard are Coneflowers. Very simple, but beautiful. This year I found a white variety that we planted. We also found some Black-Eyed Susan's. We have never grown these, but my sister does and hers are just beautiful.


I have been on a roll this month making cards. I am the host for a monthly card challenge on one of my Facebook groups. This month our challenge was to make a one layer card. I have never made this type of card before. I have always preferred, like my bed, to have lot's and lot's of layers on my cards, so this was a real challenge for me too. Once I had my card finished, I loved it so much that I ended up making around eighteen of them but using different verses. This was also the first time that I used  watercolor paper and an aqua pen. I really loved working with the watercolor paper. The ink went on so smooth without much distortion to the paper.
July is also a busy month for birthday's around our house. Mine, my husband's, my Mom's and several wedding anniversaries. I received several beautiful handmade cards this year. One card in particular my Grand said to me "Gamma, don't you wish we could make beautiful cards like this?"
My Mom's birthday card
My friend's birthday card
Well, time to get in bed, I need to stay off Facebook more and remember I have a blog. The poor neglected thing! It has been a while since I have thought about getting on here. Hoping not to treat it so bad in the future.  Bye for now! :)


Cathy said…
I have been watching your gfarden progress, it is beautiful!! I love your cards too my friend, as always :)
Have a great day...get your craft on!!
Hugs, Cathy in Maine

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