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I checked mail yesterday on my way to work and saw a package in the mail box...then I saw my own handwriting on the envelope and got sooo excited. My tags from my first ever tag swap I participated in were here! I was going down the road opening the envelope and pulling out tags, one by one. I am sure if someone happened to look over at my car they would have been none to excited to see me opening my mail while driving, but I couldn't help myself! My only disappointment is not knowing who to thank for their beautiful tags.  Only one tag had the complete info on the back, three other's had names but no email or blog info, and then one had no info at all :(  But...I was quilty of doing the same thing. All I did was write Cheryl and Z-Scaper on the back of the ones I mailed in. I had no idea how important a name, email address, or blog info would be. I will now try and do a little research! 

 Not a lot to go on...just Group #3 and looks like the name Martin. I love the cartridge she used in making this, but not sure which one it is. She spent a lot of time piecing all of this together. Good job!

(Added later; this tag was tied for 2nd place!)
 This is sooo cute! This was from Bea Robinson. I think I have her on my blog list, but will check and make sure. I know we are on Skype together. I can't wait to "thank" her for this super nice tag! It was just too nice to open tho, so I took my pic without taking it out of the package. Bea spent a lot of time with the outside package of her tag also. I love the handwriting on it. I try and add some of my own handwriting on everything I make. I have horrible printing, but I think it's important to whoever receives it.
 This is really a great tag, but it has no name or any info to go by. I take hundreds of pics when we go on a trip or visit our Grands and this would be a great mini to make. You can't tell, but she has two layers with summer on the bottom layer and a window on the top layer showcasing the font. She also has a dozen or so ribbon ties with cute sayings attached on the top right. Really cute!

This is from Lisa AKA Scrapsation. I need to try and locate her also. Really nice bright colors and a lot of paper piecing also.
(Added later; This won 1st place!!)
 I was soooo happy to receive this tag. Kathy had shown it on her blog in September and I thought "wow!" It is totally an awesome tag and I love every inch of it. This was done by Marianne Ash at PaperPiecer.blogspot.com and her YouTube name is Mash723. I will be looking for her!
Marianne even added this fun tag to her tag package!  I listed my personal tag in an earlier post. I will have to go back and relocate my tag and post it on her too. I just wish I had made one for myself...oh well next time I will! Have a good Saturday and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!
Okay, I found my tag...here it is


Cristal said…
Cheryl-So nice to see your tags. I still need to get mine on my blog.

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