Friday, August 27, 2010

Tags are finished!

Well, my tags are finally done! Good thing because they are due on Kathy's desk on the 31st. This is my first first online tag swap for me to participate in. All of us turn in five identical tags and then whoever holds the swap will swap the tags around and if I heard correctly each person will get five tags back in the mail. I am not sure if I will get one of mine back from our group or not. I think she has six groups of five ladies in the beach tag swap. I just found out that a scraper that lives within a half hour from me is also in Kathy's swap. How cool is that? I will be dropping my tags off at the post office this afternoon and they should be there by the deadline. I really enjoyed making them once I had an idea on what I wanted to do. This is the second Cricut project I have done this month. I have not used my Cricut in such a long time, so it was nice to dust it off and not have it just sit in the corner. Kathy also did a Ustream backpack album in Augusut on her blog and I recently bought the Locker Talk cartridge for this. I still need the My Community cartridge, but I'm in no hurry and looking for a good price for it on Ebay. I can't wait to make Alex one of these backbacks!

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