Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our garden is slowly winding down

Our garden and flower beds were so fickle this summer. We had a very cold winter with snow five times this year and our dirt just didn't want to warm up at the normal time as it has before. My husband is a stickler for planting certain things at specific ground temperature. He gets with his garden buddies and they exchange all of these tips, hints, and garden recipes with each other. Anything they say is the Gospel in Rick's eyes.  Well, he waited on planting the okra until the ground was a certain temperature this spring, which didn't happen as early as last year. So now most of our garden has petered out, but our okra is just taking off. We planted corn for the first time this year and it was wonderful! It is all nicely cleaned and frozen in the freezer. Our carrots were planted too close to each other and as a result the baby carrots were long and thin. Just too much trouble to clean as they were, so they were trashed. Next summer we will space them better. Our crook neck squash was nice until the dreaded mildew got to it along with our cantaloupes, pumpkins, and watermelon. They were loaded too, but just as they were getting to be a nice size, the mildew zapped them. We also had some huge gross beetles and multiple tiny grasshoppers that swarmed and invaded our garden. Our tomatoes are overflowing with fruit. I made some delicious Salsa today using jalapenos, garlic, and tomatoes from our garden. This was the first time for me to attempt making it and it turned out so good! I have the onion breath and indigestion to show for it tonight! Mainly the few vegetables we have left are bell peppers, jalapenos. tomatoes, and the okra. We are already thinking of planting a fall garden with cool crops, but other than lettuce, and we are not big salad eaters, we really don't have any idea on what we can plant. A guess a Google search will answer our questions there. LOL. Next year we have plans for a few more plants. Not too many, but we would like to plant some green beans and maybe some herbs. Here is a picture of our garden when it was all growing nicely. In the front center we planted Cone Flowers for color. They really added to the beauty of the garden.

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