Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm getting scared about my Mom's health and well being. Double bi-pass in August. They drove to Florida six weeks after surgery for the winter. Discovered their roof had leaked all summer and they had a moderate amount of mold and mildrew. Mom spent one month cleaning the mess and then had a nasty stroke on January 2nd. The wonderful thing was she recovered nicely, but now two months later, she has stepped back in her recovery. She tells us she has fallen three times in the last month, which I never knew anything about until this week. Now she feels like it's not easy to take a deep breath and she also is back to using her walker. She did see one of her doctor's today, but in her opinion they were just pushing her aside and she told them either take my symptoms serious or she would be changing doctor's. Very surprising for her to say that, because Mom is a great patient, more patient than I would have been over the last two months. They did a chest xray, but will not have the result until tomorrow. Mom has never mentioned the mold issue to any of her doctor's, but I think it's time to throw caution to the wind and call and inform them and see if this at all makes a difference in her recovery. I would be so heart broken if I knew there is an issue and I swept it under the rug. I may get Mom mad when she finds out I have mentioned the mold to her doctor's, but for me to sleep good at night...I have too whether she gets mad at me or not. Her life depends on us taking care of her to the best of our abilities. I love my Momma and cannot image life without her.

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